A Conversation with Jamie Bartlett: The Fraud "Business", Consumer Accountability, and the Latest on the Missing Cryptoqueen

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About this Episode

As digital crime evolves and fraudsters exploit changes in consumer behaviour, our host, Harriet Sloan, head of fraud consultancy and analytics, is joined by Jamie Bartlett, journalist and author of The Missing Cryptoqueen and The Dark Net to discuss:

  • Fraud trends and the international nature of digital crime
  • The impact of crime on consumers and the role education can play in mitigating risks of financial crime
  • How technology is both an enabler and preventor of modern crime

Plus, Jamie updates us on his search for Dr Ruja Ignatova. Dr Ruja is the only woman currently on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list and the main protagonist in The Missing Cryptoqueen the award-winning podcast series Jamie produces with Georgia Catt.

This espisode of Data, Strategies and Trust features key findings from our State of Omnichannel Fraud Report. Our annual report features insights surrounding digital fraud trends, as well as practical steps businesses can take to mitigate synthetic identities, improve fraud detection, and reduce false positives.