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Episode Archive

21 episodes of TransUnion Business Insights since the first episode, which aired on July 14th, 2021.

  • Enhanced Consumer Insights: Introducing the Vulnerability Registration Service, Evolving Data Strategies and Credit Week

    May 24th, 2024  |  28 mins 12 secs
    b2b, b2c, banking, big data, business processes, business strategy, customer experience, customer strategy, data strategy, digital inclusion, e-commerce, financial inclusion, financial services, government, mental health, utilities, wellbeing

    Ever wondered which consumer data points could have a transformative impact on transactions between consumers and businesses? In this episode Gareth Howell, Head of Data Solutions at TransUnion in the UK, talks with Helen Lord, CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS), about the power of new types of consumer insights, the evolution of the data ecosystem and the regulatory drive to improve customer outcomes.

  • Cyber Incident Response Landscape: Looking Back at 2023, Planning for 2024 and Exploring the Psychological Impact of Ransomware

    February 21st, 2024  |  35 mins 39 secs
    b2b, b2c, business processes, business strategy, customer experience, cybercrime, data, digital trust, fincrime, law, leadership

    This episode provides an overview of the current cyber threat landscape from the perspective of experts working in the data breach space. It reflects on the dominant and emerging methods being used by threat actors, and addresses the recent Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) paper that investigates the harms caused to individuals, organisations and society by ransomware.

  • Masterclass: Leveraging Credit Education to Strengthen Customer Loyalty, Trust and Engagement

    January 16th, 2024  |  21 mins 2 secs
    app strategy, banking, customer experience, cx, digital strategy, financial services, fintech, leadership, lending

    Curious about the potential of credit education tools to deliver richer, mutually beneficial relationships for consumers and financial service providers? In this episode, experts working at the cutting-edge of product development share insights and examples that can be used to inform your own customer strategy.

  • Knowing Your Customer: What's Holding You Back From Greatness?

    December 10th, 2023  |  33 mins 31 secs
    banking, big data, cost of living crisis, customer experience, digital economy, e-commerce, financial inclusion, financial services, fintech, innovation, leadership, transunion; regulation

    In this episode (recorded at our FUTURE Summit 2023) Sam Welch, Commercial Banking Director at TransUnion in the UK, chairs a panel discussion with senior leaders from across financial services. Topics up for debate include data strategy, consumer attitudes and behaviour and the opportunities for engineering a cutting-edge customer experience in FS.

  • A Modern Identity Crisis: How The Digital Age Blurs The Lines Between Trust, Risk and Authenticity

    December 4th, 2023  |  24 mins 51 secs
    b2b, b2c, business processes, business strategy, cybercrime, data, digital trust, fincrime, leadership

    In this episode (recorded at our FUTURE Summit 2023) our Fraud and Identity team talk about current fraud trends, consumer attitudes and concerns, and recent technology developments in the fraud prevention space.

  • Responding to a Data Breach: Managing the Clock and Your Reputation

    August 10th, 2023  |  34 mins 1 sec
    b2b, b2c, business processes, business strategy, contingency planning, cybercrime, data breach, data breach template, digital trust, law, reputation management

    In this episode we’ll run through how you can effectively plan for a data breach and what a ‘gold standard’ response activity should look like. As Benjamin Franklin framed it: Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.

  • A Conversation with Jamie Bartlett: The Fraud "Business", Consumer Accountability, and the Latest on the Missing Cryptoqueen

    July 6th, 2023  |  37 mins
    business strategy, consumer education, crypto, digital crime, digital fraud, fbi, fincrime, fraud, jamie bartlett, scams, the missing cryptoqueen. web3

    Harriet Sloan, head of fraud consultancy and analytics, is joined by author and journalist Jamie Bartlett to discuss the evolution of digital crime, how education and technology can be leveraged to counter threats, and the latest on his search for The Missing Cryptoqueen.

  • Hyperfocusing on Consumer Outcomes: The New Consumer Duty and Financial Vulnerability

    June 27th, 2023  |  24 mins 59 secs
    banking, cost of living crisis, customer experience, digital economy, financial services, fintech, leadership, transunion; regulation

    This podcast takes a deep dive into a topic we're all thinking about right now - financial vulnerability. It brings together experts from across the UK’s credit market to give those working in financial services and beyond, a better understanding of the FCA's new Consumer Duty and the ways organisations can help consumers in this cost of living crisis.

  • Building Meaningful Lending Experiences: How to Think Like A Gen Z Consumer

    May 4th, 2023  |  43 mins 39 secs
    banking, customer experience, data, digital, fintech, leadership, strategy, technology, transunion

    What do lenders need to know about Gen Z and young Millennials as they start to earn and begin using different banking and lending products? In this episode we help you better understand what younger consumers think of credit, financial management and the lending customer experience.

  • Open Banking Steps Up: Bud Announcement, Fiinu Launch and the Evolution of Open Finance

    March 21st, 2023  |  25 mins 30 secs
    banking, business strategy, customer experience, fintech, leadership, lending, start-ups, transunion

    The evolution of open banking continues apace. In this episode we discuss some of the approaches driving the data solution forward and making it an increasingly recognisable piece of the banking customer journey. We speak with Celso Nogueira, newly appointed director of open banking, and Chris Sweeny, CEO of Fiinu, as he readies to launch their consumer-facing solution.

  • Data Breach: Creating a Contingency Plan for 2023

    January 12th, 2023  |  43 mins 17 secs
    business strategy, infosec, law, regulation, transunion

    Mark Read, head of data breach solutions at TransUnion UK, speaks with experts in the cyber and data risk space about the current data breach landscape and how businesses can best respond to 'known unknowns'. Talking points include the UK regulator’s position on data breach compensation claims, insights from DAC Beachcroft’s data protection and cyber conference, and an assessment of the the cyber threats facing UK businesses in 2023.

  • The Drive for Greater Financial Inclusion with TotallyMoney

    October 14th, 2022  |  26 mins 6 secs
    banking, business strategy, customer experience, fintech, transunion; cost of living

    At a time of economic uncertainty, how can we better help the financially under-served and drive greater financial inclusion? In this podcast we're joined by Alastair Douglas, CEO of TotallyMoney, to explain what financial inclusion means and why it has never been more important.

  • Socially Responsible Gambling Amidst a Cost of Living Crisis

    September 1st, 2022  |  26 mins 50 secs
    customer experience, data regulation, digital economy, gambling, sports betting, transunion

    Updates to UK gambling regulations and the cost of living crises pose unique challenges to operators. This episode brings together leading gaming companies and independent charity GamCare to discuss the potential impact these changes will have on socially responsible gambling and the evolution of the digital customer experience.

  • Open Sesame: The Opportunity for Open Banking in 2022

    June 27th, 2022  |  18 mins 17 secs
    banking, business strategy, customer experience, fintech, transunion

    The macroeconomic challenges of the cost of living crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic and rising property and rental prices, has put financial services and credit products under the microscope. In this episode the team discuss open banking's maturity curve and its potential to create better outcomes for consumers and lenders in challenging and uncertain times.

  • AltFi Festival of Finance 2022 Debrief

    May 25th, 2022  |  21 mins 10 secs
    banking, customer experience, digital economy, fintech, transunion

    The FinTech and Consultancy teams at TransUnion look back at AltFi Festival of Finance 2022, and discuss some of the key topics, their own contributions and speculate on what is in store for fintech for the rest of 2022.

  • How Startups Can Get Their Data Strategy Right With KPMG

    February 16th, 2022  |  23 mins 4 secs
    banking, business strategy, data, fintech, startup

    What advantage does a great data strategy offer and what needs to be in place to make this happen? This episode explores how tech startups, from those going through initial funding rounds to organisations looking to navigate the challenges of a maturing business, can build and optimise their data strategy.