Knowing Your Customer: What's Holding You Back From Greatness?


December 10th, 2023

33 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

Data advancements have the potential to improve how well you know your customer and drive outstanding customer experiences and personalised services. With regulatory evolution, including the new Consumer Duty, and intense market competition, the right approach could unlock growth and be a unique selling point.

In this session, recorded at the TransUnion Summit 2023, Sam Welch (Commercial Banking Director, TransUnion) asks industry leaders from different sectors: How big is the gap between potential and reality, and what more can be done to get to know customers better?

Sam poses a set of questions on key topics to our panel of financial services SMEs, and elicits authentic insights on key challenges around an effective data strategy, how to design an advance customer experience and changing consumer attitudes and economic behaviour.

Panel chair:

  • Sam Welch, Commercial Banking Director, TransUnion


  • Ranil Boteju is Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Desmond McNamara, CRO, Zilch
  • Darren Kelk, MD, Ascendant Solutions
  • Stuart Daniels, Chief Credit Officer, FGH

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