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Get an insider’s view into data, business strategies and trust. In each episode, industry experts join us to discuss key talking points in the world of technology. We’ll share new insights and perspectives on topics, such as how fraud is challenging FinTech growth; ways to develop award-winning, consumer-centric lending platforms; or the product set needed to optimise customer onboarding.

You’ll learn more about the inner workings of TransUnion — one of the world’s leading insights and analytics companies — and how we bring our purpose of Information for Good® to life for individuals and communities.

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  • TransUnion 'Future' Summit 2021 - Panel Discussion

    January 18th, 2022  |  40 mins 59 secs
    banking, business strategy, data, education, fraud, retail

    Recorded live at TransUnion's 'Future' 2021 Summit, this episode is a panel discussion covering key economic, consumer and technology talking points as we head into 2022.

  • Preparing Your Business for Gen Z

    October 7th, 2021  |  17 mins 3 secs
    consumer credit, financial services, fintech, gen z

    For this episode Asia Anwar-Jones, Director of FinTech at TransUnion in the UK, is joined by our Head of FinTech, Steve Wishart and the Managing Director for UK Consumer Markets team, Kelli Fielding. Asia, Steve and Kelli to talk about the financial attitudes of Generation Z.

  • Women @ TU Takeover – Supporting Women for Success

    September 21st, 2021  |  26 mins 43 secs
    banking, credit industry, data, financial services, fintech, google, transunion, women in business, women in credit, women in finance, women in tech

    For this episode we're excited to hand over the mic to our Women @ TU team and a panel of guests to talk about supporting women for success.

  • Fraud Trends Within FinTech

    July 14th, 2021  |  19 mins 11 secs
    financial services, fintech, fraud, fraud trends

    Asia Anwar-Jones, Director of FinTech at TransUnion, joins our Head of FinTech, Steve Wishart, and Head of Fraud Pre-Sales, Josh Gunnell, to assess challenges and opportunities the sector has faced over the last 18 months.