Fraud Trends Within FinTech

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Digitisation — the fundamental pillar of FinTech — has become more critical to businesses since the onset of COVID-19. This is evidenced by the rise in demand for online finance, and evolution of consumer-facing platforms and services — all set against a background where consumer fraud is now mainstream news.

Our experts will explore the changing fraud landscape and its knock-on effect on consumer trust and CX across generations, and how FinTechs are likely to adapt to shifting consumer preferences — and new and fierce competitors — to maintain their innovative edge.

Our expert guests are:

  • Steve Wishart, Head of FinTech, TransUnion UK
  • Josh Gunnel, Head of Fraud Pre-Sales, TransUnion UK

**This episode references one of the reports available to download now from our website:

**TransUnion sponsored The Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a global survey of 1,610 executives — delving into their mindsets and perceptions around fraud, security and commerce trends in the digital domain.

New Dimensions of Change: Building Trust in a Digital Consumer Landscape report, created by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by TransUnion, is available to download now on our website: