Responding to a Data Breach: Managing the Clock and Your Reputation


August 10th, 2023

34 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

In this episode, Mark Read, head of data breach solutions at TransUnion UK, talks to George Chaisty, a partner at the legal firm Kennedys Law LLP. George is part of Kennedys’ cyber and data risk team, and advises clients on a broad range of cyber incidents including ransomware and business email compromises.

Using our recently published e-book Data Breach for Businesses as a starting point, Mark quizzes George on the current cyber threats facing businesses and what processes and resources need to be considered when building a robust data breach plan. Additionally, George identifies some of the common mistakes businesses make in their response actions. Key talking points in this podcast revolve around reputation management, supporting consumers and the timeframe you have to act within.

We’ve recorded this podcast to provide a blueprint for professionals who are responsible for their organisation's data breach plan. The episode offers an in-depth explanation of what resources, teams and services go into making a robust data breach response. For those working in the industry and familiar with the topic, it can either validate your approach or offer nuggets of new and useful information. And for those tasked with developing a plan from scratch, it can hopefully provide a template for you to follow as you begin to document your process.