How Startups Can Get Their Data Strategy Right With KPMG


February 16th, 2022

23 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

According to, UK tech VC investment is the third biggest in the world, hitting a record high of $15bn in 2020, with the UK tech startup and scaleup ecosystem valued at $585B. These tech pioneers are disrupting the status quo, creating new digital experiences and standards.

This episode focuses on tech startups, covering those going through initial funding rounds to organisations wanting to evolve their data strategy as they grow and navigate the challenges of a maturing business.

Presented by Lisa Meynell, Account Director in the FinTech team here at TransUnion UK, our expert guests are: 

  • Dai Duong, a Partner at KPMG. Dai leads the Modelling and Analytics business in the UK, with a particular focus on Financial Services clients.
  • Gareth Howell, Head of Data Solutions at TransUnion in the UK, responsible for data strategy and the inward supply of new data sources and leveraging existing assets.

Topics covered in this podcast include emerging trends in the startup space, the components and commercial benefits of a robust data strategy, and the skills and team mix needed to make this work.

Additional notes:

  • the last funding round mentioned approx 9 minutes into the podcast was July 2021.